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How can Universities stop students from cheating online ?

This article was written by Harry Slater on March 14, 2014.  In this article, Harry

discusses ongoing cheating at universities with online degree programs.  Cheating has

been around forever and it has become alot easier for students with our increase in 

technology and our large, growing internet.  A few approaches have been made for an

attempt to stop or limit online cheating.  Coursera is an online education organization

that allows students to take over 600 courses online.  When taking a class with

Coursera, students have the option of recieving a verifcation certificate along with

their online course.  This certificate costs around $50 and comes with a software that

can recognize a student by their typing speeds and rythyms to prevent someone else

from completeing their assignments.  It requires a webcam photo and an identification

card whenever they sign in.  

I can see this technology being very successful in the future as it expands.  I 

beleive if this software is more available to universitites it could significantly

decrease the amount of cheating.  If Universities required this same software on their

computers in their labs, students could be monitored in the same way after logging 

into the school's network.  Each student has their own loggin information, so this same

software could be appied to prevent students from cheating while attending a

university as well as taking an online class.  I am curious to see how this technology


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