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Ex-Missile Crew Members Say Cheating Is Part Of The Culture

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It seems lately in the news there has been quite a lot of cheating incidents within the military programs.  This time it was based around the air force missile crews being cheating on protocol tests.  The article discussed the important yet demanding job of being in charge of a nuclear missile launch station.  The article specified how at any given point the men whom man these missile stations could be ordered by the president to fire these nuclear missiles.  With such an important and delicate job there has to be mandated protocols and procedures to follow.  There is a strict protocol, which specifies everything from firing the missile to eating your lunch.  Every couple of months each air force crewmember must be tested on their abilities and knowledge of the protocols.  To pass this exam each missile crewmember needs at least 90% correct on it.  Sometimes cheating or suggestions are made by fellow members to insure that they have a fighting chance of receiving a promotion.  Almost a perfect score is needed to be eligible for a promotion.  It seems that there is too much emphasize on a perfect exam score to see who is worthy of a promotion.  In the end cheating will always be recognized as a bad thing, which it is and those caught cheating must be dealt with.  The strictness/punishment is up to the commanding officers, but they must remember that we all make mistakes that we all regret.    

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