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College Students and Federal Jobs


     According to some recent studies, only 6% of the students that graduate list the federal government as their ideal career. The federal agencies are now looking to improve their websites to engage college students and helping them to easily navigate the application process for federal jobs. In case you are not familiar with where most of the federal jobs are listed, the government offers a website called:, where all the potential jobs will be listed first. However, according to some studies, the students that said that federal employment was an ideal career, only a quarter of the students were actually familiar and have visited the website. Therefore, since the federal government is seeking for future young employees, they are looking to better advertise any future jobs, and also listen to what the current students are looking to get out of these jobs. According to Kats, the journalist who wrote this article said, "A majority of students surveyed said they expected to make more than $40,000 in their first job, though the Partnership estimated starting salaries for college graduates in the federal sector to range from $32,000 to $42,000." As you can see, the federal government not only has to find ways for better advertisement, but also listen to what students are looking to get out of those jobs.


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