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Cheating Pays But Imagine Your Future Self

In this article, the topic discussed was the issue of how cheating may be of some benefit, but are the benefits of cheating worth the immediate or long-term risks.  The task is looking to be taken on by trying to get individuals to understand the risks of all types of cheating.  Learning a new perspective would hopefully allow the individuals to think differently that would benefit them always throughout their lives.  "Finding a way to shake a would-be delinquent out of the living-in-the-moment mentality might prove effective for deterring him from pursuing a bad decision, reasoned a team of researchers including Logan Nordgren, an associate professor of management and organizations at the Kellogg School of Management."  Two of the studies that were performed were "Dear Future Me" and "Confronting Future You."  These studies had individuals think about themselves in the future and even consisted of individuals writing letters to themselves in the future.  The studies were followed by ethical questions which the answers displayed a positive effect of the studies.  The studies are not complete, due to one of the factors that researchers cannot determine on long this positive effect lasts.  More studies and research are still being performed.

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