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How can universities stop students cheating online?

With more and more online courses being offered, the easier it has become for students to cheat on their assignments. This has forced universities to find new ways in order to ensure that students are cheating or plagiarizing. There have been a few ways to combat this. One recognizes the way a person types, and how fast they type. While another company takes a picture of you using your computers webcam, and every time you log in the webcam takes a picture to ensure it is you that is using the computer. 


The problem might not be that the fact that students are cheating. But maybe it is the system in place. Students are more worried about doing well on the tests than they are worried about learning the material. This cause many to cheat on tests rather than learning the material. There could be another way to ensure that the students actually learn the material so they can thrive in the work place. 

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