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Message from Acting President Geer: Accepted Student Day

Dear members of the SUNYIT community,

Tomorrow, March 21, we will be welcoming 235 accepted students and more than 700 people total to campus for Accepted Student Day. Given the fact that the SUNYIT-CNSE merger has received widespread media coverage, it is important that we all deliver two important points to those who have questions:

* Opportunities for students through all SUNYIT’s current academic programs will continue unchanged.

* The SUNYIT-CNSE merger, together with the development of the Nano Utica initiative and the Quad-C, will mean tremendous growth in opportunities for students—including a growing number of majors and academic programs in the future—as well as access to cutting-edge research and development facilities in nanotechnology and nanoscience across New York State.

With a record number of acceptances, the 235 accepted students attending tomorrow's event are, we hope, going to be members of what could be our largest-ever freshman class. These students are in the final stage of their college selection process, and we want to be sure they have the best experience possible while on campus. On average, 60% of Accepted Student Day attendees enroll. It is important that each of you do your part in making this a special day of congratulations for our future students; we need to show our visitors why SUNYIT is the right choice for them.

Thanks to your involvement, I’m sure tomorrow’s event will be a success—and recruitment efforts will continue to build as we look forward to Open House on Saturday, April 5.

Bob Geer

Acting President

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