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General Motors: The Killer Car Maker

Recently one of the large Detroit auto makers, General Motors, issued a recall on a few of its vehicles.  This is a common practice that simply means there is a specific problem with that model vehicle that needs to be fixed.  However, GM is currently being criminally investigated after coming out with a recall on at least four vehicle’s ignition switches. 

The recall stated that a problem with the ignition could cause the car to shut off while still in motion; a bump of the key or too much weight on the key ring was found to be the cause. This results in the vehicle losing power steering, brakes, seatbelt function, and it disables the airbags.  This combination of lack of functions and safety equipment is believed to have killed 13 people in accidents.

The U.S. Attorney’s office in NY and the FBI are looking into whether there was any wrong doing.  It was reported that GM has been aware of the problem for years and is just now trying to reconcile it, possibly only because of a lawsuit.


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