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Air Force Academy Begins Another Cheating Probe

Air Force Academy Begins Another Cheating Probe 

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by Steven Goffredo 

The article, which I chose to discuss, was from ABC news on forty freshman cadets being caught for cheating on a chemistry assignment at the Air Force Academy.  The article discusses how there has been an increase in cheating at the Colorado based academy.  Since the invention of the Internet students have become more and more cleaver on their techniques to cheating. There are many whom believe that students are not to blame.  Students are given difficult assignments and little to no time to complete them in.  If a student is taking 16-18 credits it can be quite overwhelming.  In military schools such as the air force there is a high demand for physical activity, regiment, inspections as well as still attending and succeeding in college classes.  

There is also another important debate over this issue of plagiarism or cheating.  How should students be punished for their actions?  It is absolutely necessary for the student to receive a zero on the assignment, but how far do you go to teach them a lesson?  Do you fail them in the class or expel them?  If it is a first time occurrence students should receive a zero on the assignment.  The plagiarism and cheating aspect should be set up in a strike system.  If a student is caught cheating twice in a class they will receive a failing grade for the class.  If there are multiple cheating occurrences throughout the student’s career then it is necessary to expel a student.  The air force believes that they should hold their cadets at a higher standard than the rest of the world and believe one cheating event should result in the expelling of a cadet. 

Once again it is necessary to look at the teachers as partially to blame for students cheating.  If the students are relying on cheating to successfully complete an assignment obviously the teacher is doing a poor job and students cannot follow the instruction.  Since it was forty students and not just two to three students than it can be assumed that the professor is in fact a horrible teacher.  If only two students were caught cheating then it could be said that those students were being lazy or ill prepared for class. However, when 40 students are caught cheating than there is defiantly a problem somewhere with the class instruction.  Out of all of the colleges across the United States about 15% of professors are capable of successfully teaching.  What is meant by this statement is most professors are to smart for their own good and do not know how to explain on a basic level or do not give precise instructions.  The most annoying part about most teachers is that this is the age of technology, yet most teachers do not answer emails promptly or over the weekend as well as having the minimal amount of office hours.    

In the end the cadets did wrong and still need to be punished for it.  The seriousness of the punishment is up to the heads of departments at the Air force academy.  However, they should consider that they might ruin the possible future of these freshman cadets if they are expelled.   


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