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Ukraine's War With Russia

Today is 3, March, of 2014, and all the attention is pointing to Ukraine and its people. Since the Russian president, Vladimir Putin recently declared war on Ukraine until the socio-political situation is controlled, the most of the world’s powers are now trying to ameliorate the spirits, and essentially avoid a potential war.  The reason of why Putin is doing all this, no one really knows. There are a lot of roomers out there that have different views and ideas about this situation, but overall, he is doing it because he can. According to Ioffe a journalist for the New Republic magazine mentioned, “It is often predicated on wholly Western logic: surely, Russia won't invade [Georgia, Ukraine, whoever's next] because war is costly and the Russian economy isn't doing well and surely Putin doesn't want another hit to an already weak ruble; because Russia doesn't need to conquer Crimea if Crimea is going to secede on its own; Russia will not want to risk the geopolitical isolation, and "what's really in it for Russia?"—stop.” Could this possibly start WW3? The answer is most likely going to be “No.” Neither NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), North America nor the EU (European Union) would want to start a nuclear war with Russia.



Ioffe, Julia. "Putin's War in Crimea Could Soon Spread to Eastern Ukraine And Nobody—not the U.S., Not NATO—can Stop Him." New Republic. N.p., 1 Mar. 2014. Web. 12 Mar. 2014. <>.


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