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Chinese corruption leads to abuse

This story is truly disheartening. We read that a director of a land resources bureau was tortured by the Communist party. Apparently, they were trying to get him to admit to taking bribes, which was common to these type of developers. The director, Zhou Wanyen, however, insists on his innocence.

The torture started when they took him to a hotel, trying to force him to admit the bribe. To no avail, they then proceeded to deprive him of his sleep till they eventually took him to a party's detention center where the abuse escalated.

Here, they beat on him. An already physically fit man, they abused him to the point that his femur was broken in three places. They also were pressing his face into a sink of water and survived on only a bowl of rice per day. This went on for months.

Eventually, he signed a confession addmiting to the bribe, although he still maintains he was innocent. Because matters of the party fall "outside the purview of the police",  the police could not investigate.


Everyday, it is probably no doubt that Zhou wonders if his tormenters will return. Something so atrocious and wrong that cannot be rightly justified is  not only disheartening, it is preposterous. It seems we are living in a world, more particularly in that country, where right does not always prevail and the truth does not always make you free. If only people could be a little more compassionate and loving, looking to a God rather than a stubborn, dictator-like leader, the world might be a better place.




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