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Ethics Blog #1: Medicares Drug Program Needs Stronger Protections Against Fraud

In Medicares prescription drug program, they have not properly tracked the pending frauds in the field. The inspector of general health has studied and reported that over half of the insurance companies have failed to pay for Medicares drug program.Medicares part D section gives care to seniors and disabled persons. It has been observed that it pays for one of every four prescriptions in the entire country. Through this type of beneficial system there has been fraud abundant over the past few years. 

One of the main reasons for this fraud is that there was no insurance system to collect data upon medicare fraud and abuse. However through collaboration with the federal government and and private companies and sectors, we are now able to curve the siphoning of millions of dollars. Elaborate schemes from unethical persons peer on the elderly and disabled to steal money and prescriptions from them. Now with more involvement form the federal government we can help stop these frauds, and abuses of the system.

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