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Canadian Police Survey Uncovers Concerns over Ethics of Brass

Head of police chiefs’ organization says results underscore need to commit to ethical leadership and communicate ethics concerns down the line

The study started in 2009 in Ottawa Canada and gathered responses from over 10,000 officers in 31 Canadian police services, it was recently released showing that the majority of the Canadian police officers surveyed were unhappy with their work situation. In particular, they are unhappy with the "higher ups" lack of concern for employees and the lack of team work in decision making. The issues, the officers say, is what contributes to "reduced trust and commitment to the organization". It's understandable that they are upset with the way decisions are made, but is it ethical for them to have less commitment over it? Their job is to protect and serve decisions should be made using their opinions, but the public should not have to deal with the consequences. This case is not ethical because the police should protect the civilians regarding the decisions made because that is their job.

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