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Bullying Case In NFL Has Broad Implications In Workplace & School, Experts Say

Bullying is a serious issue that has been brought to the public eye more than ever. Within the work place, 35 percent of the employees that participated in the 2010 survey from the Workplace Bullying Institute reported that they have been bullied at work. Jonathan Martin, member of the NFL team Miami Dolphins happens to fall under this 35 percent category.

Martin’s teammate, Richie Incognito was suspended from playing football due to verbal and physical abuse to Martin. Due to the constant bullying from Incognito, Washington Post reports that Martin decided to leave the team.

This case is unethical because bullying will always be an issue that needs to be watched. Bullying leads to several consequences to both the victim and the bully. Being bullied occurs at all stages of life from kindergarten playground to the break room at office. Jonathan Martin was driven away from his job, a place where he makes a living due the excessive bullying from Richie Incognito.

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