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Medical-Ethics Controversies Highlight Dilemmas Relating To Life, Death, & Profit

            There has been much controversy over the lawmakers in Belgium after their consideration of passing a bill that would legalize euthanasia for children.  As the law stands now, people over the age of 18 may legally partake in euthanasia.  This law was put into effect in 2012 and sense then there has been a considerable rise in euthanasia.  There is a huge debate as to whether or not a child has the mental capacity to make a knowledgeable decision to die.  According to a Brussels pediatric oncologist, the law would legalize the exercise, but would be carried out by trained professional doctors.  With this topic comes a huge debate on ethics, some may say that it is the person’s right to decide their fate, where others may say that people are too young to decide such a thing. 

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