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Marijuana Legalization

Legal marijuana use, particularly medical and adult recreational use, seems to be a very popular topic in today's society. Although marijuana use remains illegal on a national level, several states throughout the U.S. are in the process of changing that. For example, California, Colorado, and Washington have already legalized marijuana. In this article, author Brian Orelli discusses several different facts concerning legal marijuana use and why several states might see a significant change in the next five years. According to ArcView Market Research, marijuana could be the best-selling legal drug ever as its value in the national market could increase to nearly $10.2 billion in the next five years. ArcView has predicted this growth largely due to the fact that states "want their cut" rather than missing out on potential revenue made through illegal transactions. With that being said, one might wonder whether or not this is ethical. Is it ethical for states to legalize marijuana to influence potential revenue? I am neither in favor or against marijuana legalization and seem to have very little interest in the issue but I do feel that legal marijuana would positively effect and stimulate economy on both a national level and on a state level. Legalizing this drug would bring billions of dollar to the medical market which could potentially lead to better medicine, research, medical tools, and much more. I feel that legalizing marijuana could be very beneficial to our economy and do not view this approach unethical. 

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