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Facebook Loosens Privacy Restrictions; Critics Say It Is About Money, Not Expression

In recent news Facebook has changed its policies about privacy to the degree that teenagers from the ages of thirteen to seventeen are allowed to set their posts to a public setting.  According to sources previous settings would only allow kids that age to post things to their friends, creating a more private and controlled viewing.  According to Facebook, the change is so that, “Teens can be heard” and with this allows them to find friends of friends.  Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg says that, “We help you share information, and when you do that, you’re more engaged on the site, and then there are ads on the side of the page.”  The fact is that social media is becoming more and more of people’s everyday life and with this comes great responsibility.  Whether we are aware of our social media “status” or not is very important to our image as not only just friends of people but as business men and women.

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