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Risking Health For Money?

With little coming from the Ethics News-Line in the way of new articles in the last few weeks, I’m looking back a few weeks for an article on “risking health for money”.

A few weeks back, we discussed a bullying case within the NFL between Miami Dolphin’s players Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito. This week, we’re looking at a case of risk vs. reward within the NFL.

Recently, an offensive line player for the Denver Broncos – John Moffit – walked away from his career in the NFL along with a nice contract and plenty of money. It has been said that Moffit is walking away from over $1,000,000 in salary, as well as several other benefits. All of this, in the midst of one of the best years in Broncos history to date (presently at 9-2 and #1 in their division), Moffit could potentially be walking away from a Super Bowl ring this season.

Why is Moffit leaving the NFL? “I don’t want to risk health for money. I’m happy, and I don’t need the NFL.” In Moffit’s football career, he has “blown out his knee, had elbow surgery, and hurt his shoulders”. Add head injuries and sleep apnea to that list.

The good news is, fellow Broncos team-mates seem to be supportive of his decision. Broncos lineman Zane Beadles was quoted as saying “It’s too hard of a game, too long of a season  to come in here and be unhappy every single day.”

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