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Corruption Worsens Conditions In Typhoon-Ravaged Manila

This article talks about the corruption that is occurring in the Philippines, which was struck by a typhoon last week. As with all natural disasters, problems arise in the community with the decrease in security and business. The problem occurring in Tacloban is that some of the money and supplies that are arriving are used incorrectly. The government said that all supplies would be distributed quickly to those in need. However, after a week, people that need the supplies to survive still don’t have them.

Another problem that this article talks about is the situation in Brazil, which the Supreme Court is sending politicians to jail after they were convicted of corruption aver one year ago. The convicted politicians have stalled the process by making several appeals and legal maneuvers. The court said that this endangered the political system in Brazil and is not ethical. I believe that, if you are guilty of something, you should be punished for your crime.

The final situation this article talked about is about the financial collapse of a small municipality in California. Prosecutors in Bell, California say that officials paid themselves staggering salaries and diverted public funds for personal gain. I, personally, believe that no official should use government funds for personal gain.

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