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"Most Americans for Raising Minimum Wage"

In this article it is explained that most Americans are for raising minimum wage. As the cost of living and the cost of buying food is forever increasing, minimum wage is just too low to survive. This is forcing minimum wage employees to not only be dependent on their employers but to be dependent on the government to supplement their income to survive. Anyone who has held a minimum wage job in recent history would also agree that it is just too low. Currently in New York State minimum wage employee bring home $7.50 before taxes if you multiply that by a forty hour work week that is 300 dollars per week before taxes. After subtracting gas money, food money, housing money, and utility money, you would be lucky to break even. That's not even looking at the workers who have dependents such as kids. Now you have to factor in school supplies, clothing for kids who are forever outgrowing last years clothes, and food for the kids. This makes the minimum wage population dependent on the government for various programs such as food stamps. Like everything else there are drawbacks, the employee that was $1.50 above minimum wage (at $9.00) still wants to be that far above minimum wage driving their wage up which turns into a vicious cycle all the way to the top, driving the price for the product, service they provide up. This causes a vicious cycle of inflation in the economy. 

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