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Ethical Issues Emerge In Controversy Over New York City's Stop & Frisk Law

In this article by court decision New York City's stop and frisk law was temporarily reinstated. This law makes it so police officers can assert probable cause to stop, detain, and search an individual who causes suspicion. This law was stopped by a lower court on grounds of discrimination against minorities.

I agree with this law being put in place because when in use crime decreases by catching individuals with weapons, drugs, etc. Also i feel that this deter people from carrying contraband in the first place in fear of getting stopped. The article explains how my point of view is the unpopular one due to discrimination. Young people especially feel that this is purely based on discrimination, described as "Institutionalized Discrimination" in the article. I feel that this can only make the streets of NYC safer for the general public. If you have nothing to hide what is the problem with getting searched. I understand that if there is a cop on every street corner searching every individual how this could become cumbersome in your day to day living, but I also believe that is not the point of this law. I feel as anything in government if the proper procedures are followed and everyone is treated fairly, there is no downside to this law. If it is for the good of the people no law abiding citizen should have a problem with this being carried out. 

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