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Bullying in the NFL

As most already know, Jonathan Martin walked away from the Miami Dolphins last week due to after allegedly being harassed and bullied by team-mate, Richie Incognito. This particular case has been all over the news since the day it has broken and has moved from a popular sports story to a nation-wide debacle.

Rather than handling it in-house, the NFL has appointed a NY Criminal Law firm to conduct an investigation of the incident. Many believe that this was a very wise move by the NFL.

It has been reported that Incognito was “instructed” to toughen up his team-mate. It would appear as though he took those instructions a few steps too far. With bullying already on center-stage in the United States right now, this case is receiving an extraordinary amount of attention.

This case has invoked questioning about the locker room “culture” in the NFL and more importantly, has shown that bullying isn’t limited to the classroom and that “anyone can be bullied, including Stanford-educated, 300-pound NFL offensive tackles.”

In what would seem to be a shocking twist, Incognito has responded to accusations by claiming that his behavior towards Jonathan Martin is just “how their friendship was”.

With the investigation underway, it can be expected that a significant amount of evidence will be coming out in the future and that this case is really just getting underway. The implications of this case as a whole are far from being known.

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