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Bullying Case In NFL Has Broad Implications In Workplace & School, Experts Say

This article talked about the situation in Miami involving two players on the Miami Dolphins football team. The article brings up some good points on the ethical implications that arise from an alleged harassment charge. 

According to some reports, a few of the coaches on the Miami Dolphins staff told Richie Incognito to “toughen up” Jonathan Martin. Some people say that this is not ethical and that this is what led to the situation getting out of control. In my opinion, all coaches should be teaching anti-bullying and not encourage it in any way.

The situation in Miami has raised several questions about the bullying situation in the locker rooms of the other teams in the National Football League. It also raises the question where a locker room prank crosses the line and becomes bullying. I believe that this case will lead to an investigation and ultimately change the “nature” in the locker room of teams across the league.



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