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Children Are Charged In Florida Cyber-Bullying Case That Ended In Suicide

Last week I wrote about a young girl who committed suicide because she was bullied so much by two other young girls.  Police in Florida are now questioning whether they should be arresting one or both sets of the parents of the girls who were bullying.  Officers aren't sure if the law will let them arrest the parents, but they are certainly trying to pursue it.  Just like any other weapon that is owned by parents, those parents are held responsible if something goes wrong with their property.  If a child takes their parents gun and brings it to school and shoots people, the parents can be held accountable for owning that gun.  This should apply to a computer or cell phone owned by the parents.  If they do not know what their child is doing on the computer, they can be held accountable.  The parents are stating that they did in fact monitor their daughters use on Facebook and did not see anything suspicious.

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