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Children Are Charged In Florida Cyber-Bullying Case That Ended In Suicide

In Florida officials have reported an act of bullying through a form of social media commonly known as Facebook.  A twelve year old girl was so emotionally distraught due to the months of cyber bullying, that she decided to take her own life by jumping off a tower, reported by NBC News.  The two girls who provoked this matter were at the ages of 12 and 14 and have been charged and arrested with aggravated stalking.  Also the parents of the two girls who allegedly bullied the twelve year old girl that killed herself are possibly being tried for other charges regarding the suicide.  According to sources the parents did not monitor the girls “Social media activity,” before or after the suicide.

This brings up a huge ethical and legal dilemma involving the parents of the involved crime at hand.  A CNN legal analyst by the name of Mark O’Mara says that he believes that “Such negligence should be a crime.”  He then goes on to say that, “If a child kills someone while operating a parent’s car, the parents can be held responsible.”  He continues with, “If a child kills someone while using a parent’s gun, the parent can be held responsible. If a child breaks the law using a computer or cell phone provided by the parent, how is that different?”  I believe that many acts such as the child operating a parent’s car or gun are much more easily monitored by the parent.  Social media on the other hand is not so easy.  It is at every person’s fingertips and can’t be locked up by a key so no one has access to it except for you.  

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