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Evil Geniuses and their Ethic "Passes"

The article I read this week was about geniuses getting rthic passes. This pass refers to what certain people do when confronted with a mental decision. This mental decision stems from when someone of higher skill of doing something, like the movie directors mentioned in the article, are so good at what they do that the unethical habits they have become shadowed by their fame and abilities. The article follows a police officer that was hired by the famous movie director Roman Polanski. At this point, the police officer was very happy that he got the part in the movie. He was also on very good terms with Mr. Polanski. This connection was put to the test when the police officer found out that Polanski had drugged and raped a 13 year old girl. As the story goes, the police officer had realized there was a truth vs loyalty relationship. As Polanski was being prosecuted, he fled to Paris. The police officer put the fact that he had commited a felony and chose loyalty over truth even offering to come out and see hime, which he did. He said they had a great time. In my opinion, this was exactly how the article started, a person giving a "genius" a pass. He ends the article with explaining why "regular" everyday people like cops, plumbers, and businessman aren't given these ethical passes when people who just as much don't deserve them, recieve them. For this I agree that no one should be given an ethical pass but only on the grounds not knowing enough information.

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