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Thank you to SUNY Blooms Participants

Thank you to everyone who participated in SUNY Blooms this year!  It was very successful and it helps to beatify our campus.   

A very special thanks to everyone in Facilities for all their hard work: Andy Alsheimer , Doug Brown, Ian Brucker , Tim Cox, Mike Deveans, Mike Durr, Heather Fransman , Al Johnson, and Mike Gaglianese.  Also thank you very much to everyone who volunteered: Lynne Browne, Fran Connors, Debra Doyna, Meghan Getman, Atlas Hsie, Barb Grimes, Sue Kimak, Tanya Kulpa, Jan Midlam, Roxanne Mutchler, Mary Ann Peck, Charlie Schiralli, Theresa Synakowski, and Michelle Tucker.

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