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Conservation Competition Results: ADK Wins Energy, MOH Wins Water

Congratulations to residents of Adirondack Hall for saving the most electricity during the Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN) residence hall energy competition.  ADKers used progressively less electricity each week and had the greatest difference in usage compared to their baseline.  A foosball table is coming your way!


Congratulations are also in order for residents of Mohawk Hall for saving the most water during the CCN residence hall water competition.  They saved a whopping 21,268 gallons over the three week competition compared to their baseline usage.  The results are so impresive that Residential Life has decided to award a foosball table to Mohawk Hall for the water win.


Thanks very much to everyone who participated, and also to those who made this event possible.  Special thanks to the excellent work by staff members in Facilites and Residential Life.  Hopefully next year's competition will be even better!


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