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“Americans Wanted Gun Background Checks To Pass Senate”

This ethics entry is about how the U.S. Senate "should have" passed the measure that would have expanded background checks on gun sales. It says, “Sixty-five percent of Americans say the U.S. Senate should have passed the measure that would have expanded background checks for gun purchases, while 29% agree with the Senate’s failure to pass the measure." So it’s obvious that a majority of a sample of the public wants to see background checks when one is to buy a firearm. When I read that I wanted to hang my head in familiarity of the "Safe Act" that Cuomo just stuffed down throats of New Yorkers. It’s clearly against our constitution and everything "we believe in" to do those kinds of things and take away more and more rights every day. However, after I thought it over and tried looking from the other side, I realized Cuomo should still be kicked out of office and that maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have minor background checks prior to handing over a gun to just anyone. Things aren’t like the way they were 40 years ago when you fought someone with a punch or two to get the point across and then got bought a drink for the misunderstanding or visa-versa. Those days are long gone, and it’s sad. Reason number two would be derived from the first in which people are very different now-a-days due to a large number of things. One for example, video games, are extremely graphic and kids from this high tech generation spend countless hours playing them for a large part of their developmental lives. It’s too early to show from testing or studies, but I would have to imagine that can’t be too healthy for young minds. Most people would never know with it being this recent generation's technology. Last and most importantly, mental health should be evaluated. I found this justifiable when thinking back to someone I met with a true mental disorder. This person was one of the nicest people you would ever meet...give you "the shirt of his back type", but that could change in the snap of a finger. Never seen anything so odd and dangerous (to him or anyone else) like it before and he was ex-military respected by many as well. I’m sure I could think of other reasons but those three are enough logic right there. While everything in my body and will are against the deterioration of the second amendment, I do see that different times call for different measures. It is truly a sad and terrible thing but people today just can’t be trusted.  

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