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Congratulations to all who took part in the first SUNYIT Student Project Presentation event on April 25. Members of the campus community who attended were able to view a remarkable variety of presentations and discuss projects with individual students and groups.

Given the quality of the presentations, I wish we could give an award to everyone who took participated—but the panel of faculty and staff judges determined that two outstanding presentations should receive special recognition. This year’s honorees are:

President’s Award: Suzanna Myalik, Nursing

Presentation: Does education at the elementary school level on proper hand washing technique reduce the incidence of illness compared with children who are not educated and whose current knowledge is not reinforced

Faculty Advisor:  Ruth Barnes, MS, RN


Faculty Award: Joseph Stanton, Applied Math

Presentation: Chinese Remainder List

Faculty Advisor: Professor Zora Thomova

Again, congratulations to all our student presenters. I look forward to next year’s event!

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