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thaughts on, Transparency International Report Says “Door Is Open For Corruption” When Success On Standardized Tests Is Tied To Reward

One of the problems I have with the system of standardized testing is that it takes away from a students education. instead of being able to teach a braud set of topics to a student, a teacher is forced to prep there students for the test in order to better there schools budget. I see no reason why grade school shouldn't be run like college. the subject matter it taught and tested foe the specific class and the teacher and student are evaluated on there performance and retention of knowledge. If a standardized test is given it should be random and given at an unknown time. The schools should not be evaluated by there students overall test scores but on how well the students standardized scores match there grade in the class. this way you can judge a school on how well they taught there students without corrupting the results with the lower test scores from the students that did not put as much effort into there school work. trying to force all students through grade school is a horrible way to run education. This degrades the education of the students that excell and gives a pass to the students that did not put forth as much effort. 

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