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Media-Ethics Issues Debated In Wake Of Boston Marathon Bombings

This article is basically stating how the media affects our country today.  It states that wrong coverage was given from certain news channels and everyone believed it.  Proclaiming that the second suspect was caught, when he was not yet is one example.  Other controversies in this article were how the news media showed a mangled leg digitally editing it to make it less gruesome to watchers. 

In my opinion the news world is very opinionated and this is one of the issues wrong with the world today.  Depending on what party you belong too there basically is a certain station you watch.  Instead of stating the facts rather than opinion or trying to beat one another’s coverage, news channels should stay on what’s important...the news.  I cannot understand how news channels wrongly obtained information stating that the suspect was caught when he was not, and then broadcasted it.  If they were not so concerned with getting the story out first then this information would have been accurate.  I can understand the point of digitally editing the leg of a victim.  The world today is saturated with gruesome video games, movies, and TV shows and it was actually a sense of relief to me to see that some sensitivity was given when broadcasting the hurt citizen. 

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