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Rutgers Fires Basketball Coach & Athletic Director Resigns after Tape Of Coach Abusing Players Goes Viral


In this article it explains and shows a video of the Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice, abuse and hurling misogynistic, homophobic and other slurs at players.  As all of this was going on and happened, the athletic director resigned after being critizied for imposing a light punishment on Rice when the video first came out.  Also former assistant coach, Eric Murdock claimes the university cancelled a meeting with him months ago where he planned on supplying documentation of Rice's behavior.  As of right now, Rice is fired from the coaching position and the school is trying to figure out what to do for the kids and positions.

I think this whole situation could have been handled in a better matter.  I think the assistant coach should have said something or mentioned something a lot earlier before it got this badly out of hand.  By this happening it puts a lot of pressure on the president to find replacements and to figure out what the penalty should be for both the coach and the director for giving him such a light punishment.  Also it must be hard on the players going through all of this so the school should think of something to help them out and make sure they find a better coach.

Overall I think what this coach did to these kids was awful.  He treated them with such disrespect and spoke down on them as if they were "worthless" people.  No one especially kids playing for a DIV I school should be treated this way.  So I hope they find a better athletic director, a better and more respectful coach and figure out a way to help the players with what has happened to them and the sport they love.

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