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More Companies Are Penalizing Workers Who Are Overweight Or Have Hypertension

This week I am going to discuss my opinion on the topic of companies charging more money for health plans for people who are overweight or have hypertension.  Normally I wouldn’t talk about subjects like this but I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately.  My fiancé recently wrote an article for one of her master’s level courses and it was concerning the same topic.  First and foremost, the reason I wouldn’t talk about this topic is because a lot of people in this world are very sensitive about the weight and eating habits.  Rightfully so, the media makes people think that they have to be supermodels to be pretty.  I don’t agree with this, for someone to be healthy they do need to eat right and exercise never hurts.


According to the article, companies are fining employees a hefty fee for being overweight.  Michelin North America is charging people for having high cholesterol.  This $1000 dollar fine will be applied to the next year’s insurance rates.  Now I don’t necessarily agree with this but someone who works for this company should know about this when he or she accepts the job at the company.  This would also be an incentive to get you in shape.  When I say, “get in shape” I do not mean that you would need to work out so much that you have six pack abs. 


I like to stay active but I am definitely not “fit” like the media says I need to be.  The company I work for and companies all over the world start to show more of an interest in the health and well being of their employees.  I know some companies do and there are companies out there with gyms in the same building where they’re offices are held and I think this is a great thing.  I wish my company had that!  

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