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Message from President Yeigh

To: SUNYIT Community
From: Wolf Yeigh, President

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families in Boston during this time of reflection on the week’s events there. We extend sympathy not only to those directly affected by this tragedy, but to family, friends and colleagues with connections to Boston and the running community.

While we struggle to find meaning in this tragedy, let us also take time to reexamine our own community—to ensure that we are both aware and prepared. As an academic institution, we will look at society’s safety and security issues broadly during our conference here in mid-May.

Closer to home, our campus is, as many of you know, a model of safety for those who learn and work here. Even so, an incident involving an active shooter happened here just a few years ago. As we’ve learned all too well in recent years, these things can happen anywhere. So it is a good time for all of us—especially faculty and staff—to revisit our own emergency planning, so that our level of preparedness is appropriate.








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