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Voyeurism Or Transparency?

French minister for the elderly Michele Delaunay spoek with the U,K, about making it a priority to have 37 of the country's ministers make their personal assests more transparent.  The reasoning for this is the fact that a huge scandel over tax fraud took place against former budget minister Jerome Cahuzac.  There are concerns however about what this could bring about. 

Personally I feel that this is a good approach to this problem.  I am comparing to to a problem in my eyes in the United States.  We worry about the government officials taking advantage of money.  Well what about all the people here who are on public assistance taking advantage of the system.  In my opinion if we monitored what these people bought with the money they are given by the goverment our country may not be in so much debt.  Buying new phones, lobster, big screen tv with this money that is supposed to be getting you back on your feet is a big problem.  So comparing it to this dilema in France, I say why not monitor what these ministers are buying.  It may put more checks and balancing into the system.

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