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CTC 301 Blog - Rutgers Fires Basketball Coach & Athletic Director Resigns After Tape Of Coach Abusing Players Goes Viral

After reading this article about how the coach of Rutgers Basketball team was mistreating the players during practices I haved mixed opinions about the whole situation.  Part of me thinks that there was nothing wrong with what he did since I have heard some of the players in interviews saying that they did not mind the way he treated them.  They also said that it helped discipline them and help not make the same mistakes over and over again.  Seeing how the Rutgers Basketball team is also a very successful team the coaches method of coaching must be working and giving them success. 

There are some reasons as to why I would disagree with how the coach is coaching however.  Throwing balls at the players' faces or calling them racial slurs is deffinately not acceptable in any type of coaching.  This part of the whole situation is uncalled for and I would agree with letting the coach go for this reason. 

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