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Chevron Cuts CEO Pay As Punishment For Safety Lapses

Though a rather short article on ethics, i believe it is to the point and just. The article can basically be summed up by the title, in which, the CEO of Chevron loses pay over saftey concerns. The article claims that Chevron has had an excellent saftey record in the past..."So why the sudden deaths due to fires at global refineries recently?", is the question one may ask here. Many people could probably resolve this question with their opinions, but as for the upper management of Chevron, they took a different route. I agree with their decision 100 percent. If your not doing your job, you get fired...its that simple. Though that would be extreme in this case because keeping a perfect safety record in such a large international business is not an easy thing to do, but none the less, corrective action should be taken to keep the merit of previous standards. Besides, the "big pay cut" is simply just a "reduction of bonus". This guy will still be making his millions every year as long as he straightens things back out again and maintains the efforts for constant safety upon all grounds of Chevron activity.  

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