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Gruesome Anti-Smoking Ads Raise Ethical Questions


In this article they are explaing to us how the gruesome TV ads have helped people quit smoking and that it is helping people try and quit.  I have seen the commercials that they are airing on TV and they are pretty gross but it is stating the message clearly.  If you make smoking a lifetime habbit then what you are seeing on TV can be you in the future with the same exact illness.  In the article they are asking if the commercials are to "gruesome"?  In my opinion I do not think they are because smoking can cause severe illnesses and since everyone watches tv, a lot of people will be seeing the comercials and hopefully getting the message that smoking kills.  If this is helping people quit or are making people quit then I think they should spend a little bit more money and put more commercials like that on so people can quit.


Joe Pfaffenberger

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