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In the article "Ethics of Drone Surveillance Questioned in Senate Hearing" the discussion/ argument is based upon whether or not  it ethically okay to implement drones not only on the battlefield as addressed in the closing arguments but allowing police the ability to use them for surveillance. The ethical issue is that by use of drones, ordinary people will have their privacy infringed upon. The question of "who" will have access to this technology (pedophiles, nosy neighbors,ect..) must be addressed and limit but also Police agencies and law enforcement must be limited on their use. One suggestion is the need have at least a "Drone Warrant" before surveillance may be used.

Ethically I believe law enforcement should have this technology but i also believe they will abuse it and almost create a Police state of being able to find people and observe them doing harmless acts and give them tickets. Also the sue of them in search and recovery is a very good thing and should be implemented as helicopters are very expensive to fly while these could be a cheaper alternative.

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