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Week 2

This week I chose an article titled "Ethics of Drone Surveillance Questioned in Senate Hearing".  To me this subject seems like a moral gray area.  I say this because a Surveillance drone can be used for good and bad.  On the good side of things, drones can be used to find missing people, as stated in the article.  It could be used to keep track of certain individuals and even find enemy's.  Whereas on the bad side, drones could be used to infringe on human rights.  In recent news, there was a shooting in Herkimer NY, during the whole thing a Police dog got murdered.  If there were a surveillance drone this could have been avoided.  Drones could also be used to aggrevate other countries.  As stated in the article the surveillance drones could trigger revenge attacks from muslims. 

My point to all this is, that with both sides being pretty equal in my opinion.  If they were to terminate the use of drones, whats stopping other countries from using them more to help them do the same things? On the flip side to that, what is keeping people on our side from using them for wrong doing?  I would like to think that humanity as it is would only use them for the good of the country. 


Thats all for now. 

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