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Faculty/Staff Donor of the Month - April 2013 Winners

Please visit our Faculty/Staff Donor of the Month website for all program details for 2013:

Congratulations to our winners for the month of April 2013: Marybeth Lyons (administration), Esther McCarthy (staff) and George Whitton (faculty). You have won your choice of a reserved 'Donor of the Month' parking space in front of the Student Center or a free lunch in the Student Center courtesy of the SUNYIT Foundation.

This applies for the period April 1-30, 2013. New 'Donors of the Month' for May will be announced the week of April 22, 2013.

Thank you to all of our 2012-2013 Faculty/Staff Donors!
(list as of 3/25/2013)

Bruno Andriamanalimanana 
Jayne Baran 
Daniel Benincasa 
Lisa Berardino 
Carol Berger 
Lynne Browne 
Victoria Cataldo 
Deborah Gayle Check 
Timothy Converse 
Maureen Cool 
Michael De Cicco 
Megan Dischiavo 
Rev. Paul Drobin 
William Durgin 
Michael Durr 
Heather Dussault 
Kevin Edick 
Robert Fletcher 
Rit Fuller 
Valerie Fusco 
Frederick Gates 
Kristin Glass
Kevin Grimmer 
Nick Grimmer 
Laurie Hartman 
Mary Hartz 
Cheryl Heald 
Atlas Hsie 
Walter Johnston 
Daniel Jones 
Robert Jones 
Joanne Joseph 
Terence Kehoe 
Matthew Kopytowski 
Nancy Lawrence 
Denise Ledda 
Marybeth Lyons 
John Madia
John Marsh 
Esther McCarthy 
Marvin Meissner 
Scott Miller 
Bruce Mostert 
Jorge Novillo 
Robert Orilio 
Mary Ann Peck 
Peter Perkins 
Mary Perrone 
Jennifer Phelan Ninh 
Carlie Phipps 
Michael Pittarelli 
Maryrose Raab 
Elizabeth Rossi 
Joseph Rugari 
Edmond Rusjan 
Ronald Sarner 
Patricia Sarner 
Paul Schulman 
Donna Silsbee 
Mason Somerville 
Carson Sorrell 
Kathryn Stam 
John Swann 
Michael Taman 
Veronica Tichenor 
Michelle Tucker 
Deborah Tyksinski 
Christopher Urban 
Linda Weber 
Xinchao Wei
Laura Weiser-Erlandson
George Whitton 
Theodore Widay 
Andrew Wolfe 
Wolf Yeigh 
Cynthia Zegarelli

If your name does not appear on this list and you would like to make a contribution to the Foundation, please contact Nick Grimmer at or x7110.

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