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Thank You from Walter Johnston to All Who Helped with the Japanese Film Festival, March 1-2, 2013

The Japanese Film Festival went very well, I think, and many people helped, but I'd like to put out a special thanks to the following:

Aiko Kane, who did the calligraphy banners, hosted the calligraphy booth, and showed up with daughters and friends in kimono

Mike DeCicco and Matt Kopytowski, who did an awful lot of fine poster work

Phil Sweeney, who donated the sushi bar

Mary Perrone, who took over the geisha booth at the last minute and provided refreshments,

Steve Perta who fixed the projection system at the last minute (at risk of life and limb)

Ib Yucel, who manned the Nintendo station and judged the cosplay

Brittany English, who provided the funds and took care of all the paperwork

Connie Castellano, who coordinated the physical setup

Jane Taylor, who loaned her sumi-e for exhibit

Daryl Lee, who stood in for me at times and got the password working

Jessica House, CID student, who created the art video and did photography

The anime club, who ran films in the theater

And the Facilities and Instructional Resources crews who set everything up

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