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Week 1

My name is Alex Boyson, I am new to writing blogs and this is very weird to me.  As part of an assignment for Professionalism in the Workplace we have to create five blogs on articles we find in so we shall see how this goes.  Since my high school days I have thought about censorship and how it can be unfair.  Along those lines I also don't necessarily agree with the stigma that if you listen to heavy metal  you are going to be mean and violent person.  I personally have been listening to heavy metal and valgure music for many years and I am not a violent or even aggressive person.  I understand that there are many cases out there that certain genres caused people to go insane (figurativly) but I haven't followed suit.  That being said the article I choose this week is about Ethics and reputation. 

Ethics, Reputation, & The Mirror With A Memory by Carl Hausman.

How many times have you taken a picture that may be construed as inappropriate for a professional atmosphere and wanted to post it to your Facebook, Twitter, or whatever other social network site out there? Well now-a-days that could be a very dangerous thing to do, especially for your professional career.  This could also get you denied for an interview for a job that you really want.  This article talks about a case where someone got in trouble for something as a teenager and it could potentially haunt them for the rest of thier lives.  The question being asked is how long should stuff stay on the interent? and how long before things get deleted?  These are good questions and i wish they were ansered.  I perosnally do not have anything online that could haunt me or ruin my career, but there are a lot of poeple out there who have things online that could.  This topic is tough to talk about because there are so many sides to each story that it is hard to pick one and talk about it.  So I recommend reading the article. 

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