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"Northern European Nations Show Best Results In Study Of Global Corruption" Article Response

A nonprofit organization called the World Justice Project created a report, raking countries in terms of "absence of corruption". Apparently, the higher the country is in rankings, the less corrupted it is. There are many categories which defines a countries overall ranking, and because the topic at hand is rather broad, I find the statistics to be questionably unreliable. However the quality, I find the concept behind it to be potentially beneficial. Rather than bringing the attention of other countries to those that are apparently more corrupted, the final rankings of a country should bring one's attention to itself. In other words, if a country has scored low in the rankings, and has happened to recognize it, perhaps it could be enough to motivate that country towards self-improvement. The United States scored relatively well, ranking in 18th out of 97 countries. With America's "best country in the world" attitude, maybe these rankings will convince our country that there is always room for improvement.

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