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There Must Be Consequences

The Roman Catholic Church has declared the right to refuse its services to all of those who refuse to pay a church tax. They claim that those who wish to be a part of the church most contribute to support the needs of the church. While this seems highly unethical, it is not. It simply provides a better opportunity for the church to protect itself from abuse of those who take but never give despite their means. The church is not saying you must pay to be a part of the congregation, they are simply declaring the right to refuse people should they feel they do not deserve to be a part of the church. This seems unethical because the church is a symbol of provision for those who can not provide for themselves, so one might ask how can the church refuse its services to someone who can not afford to pay the tax? Thats not what they're saying at all. It seems unethical because it gives the church a chance to abuse the power, and refuse people who are deemed unworthy... which is completely against everything a church should be.

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