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Freedom Of Inquiry & Disruptive Behavior On Campus

An article published by Brad Rourke on the Ethics Newsline website chronicles the ethical dilemma following the charges placed against an oswego student after inquiring about Oswego's Head Coach Ed Gosek. Student Alex Myers is an exchange student from Australia and was given the task of writing a profile of a public figure in one of his classes. During his inquiry, he sent the following email to the hockey coaches at SUNY Cortland, Cornell University, and Canisius College

My name is Alex Myers, I work for the Office of Public Affairs at SUNY Oswego.

I am currently writing a profile on Oswego State Hockey head coach Ed Gosek and was hoping to get a rival coaches [sic] view on Mr Gosek.

If you have time would you mind answering the following questions.

1. How do you find Mr Gosek to coach against?

2. Have you had any interactions with Mr Gosek off the ice? If so how did you find him?

3. What is your rivalry like between your school and Oswego State?

Be as forthcoming as you like, what you say about Mr Gosek does not have to be positive.

Alex was imediately suspended and ordered to vacate the premisis on the grounds that he had misrepresented himself and had engaged in disruptive behavior. In all honesty this should not have been a problem. The whole situation was blown extremely out of proportion. The claim that Alex had misrepresented himself is completely ridiculous... He was simply introducing himself, and while yes the information was not necassary it in no way implied or was intended to imply that he was writing a piece for the office of public affairs. The assumption is exactly that... an assumption. Also, the statement that his last line of the e-mail appeared threatening is nonsense. There is no implication of any sort of threatening tone or admission of some sort of consiquence should the replies be positive. He is simply stating that response to his questionaire could be as honest as desired. Any sort of action taken against this student is completely misdirected, and time and resources could be focused on so many better things. That's is my opinion

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