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Hurricane Sandy Evacuation Evasion Ethical?

Would refusing to evacuate an area be considered an ethical action? The Washington Post took a look at the moral implications of staying behind when you are told to leave. According to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, "this is putting first responders in significant, significant danger". There seems to be a push to educate people on whether or not staying put is the right decision. Refusing to leave the area poses a danger for those who have to come rescue you in an emergency situation. 

In relation to Hurricane Sandy, CNBC examined whether or not price gouging is the moral equivalent of "reverse looting". After Hurricane Sandy took its toll on the East coast, areas such as Brooklyn  experienced a hike in price of everyday items including D-batteries and cans of Coke. The rationale is simple, really.  Supply and demand forces the price of these items to sky rocket. Anti-gouging laws are "on the books", according to CNBC, but they are hard to enforce and counterproductive. "Legalizing gouging would not put staples out of reach of the poor, but would strain budget while ensuring supply", according to senior editor John Carney from CNBC.

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