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Robots and Privacy

"A new book considers ethical issues surrounding robots, which may become involved with our everyday lives in profoundly unexpected ways, reports tech network ZDNet. The book Robot Ethics, published by MIT Press and edited by Patrick Lin, Keith Abeney, and George Bekey, consists of contributions from specialists in various scientific and ethical fields and examines the implications of robots as caregivers, warriors, and even surrogate lovers. ZDNet’s Wendy Grossman contends in a review that robots will have a real opportunity to invade their owners’ privacy: “As Ryan Calo argues in his chapter, ‘Robots and Privacy,’ your ‘plastic pal who’s fun to be with’ is going to collect an amazing amount of data about you just in the ordinary course of organizing your life — data that our increasingly surveillance-happy societies will surely be interested in.”"(Source provided below)

The development of robots is an expanding and real part of our future. They can be seen everywhere such as our households cleaning, building our cars, and organizing your life. Stated in the article robots are being made to take over various human aspects form fighting in a war to caregivers. With your plastic-pal being a part of your everyday life, the company who mikes these robots will know many of your personal interests. Personally I would have no personal time to myself also there is a fear of being replaced by something possibly better?



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