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Hard-Wired To Cheat

The article states that even in the most selective high schools, with the brightest of children, that cheating still occurs.  Personally I believe this is instilled with society, a prime example of nature vs. nurture.  The USA typically raises people to take the easy way out, whether it is cheating on a test or stealing electronics from a store.  It is instilled in our society that easier is better.  Further research proves the USA is 27th in the world in math, 22nd in science, and has the highest per capita rate of incarcerated citizens of anywhere in the world.  Face it, the USA provides the nurture of "easy is better", which in turn creates an unethical environment.  This article presents the idea that people don't necessarily want to be unethical and that sometimes opportunistically placed reminders will prevent children to cheat.  The only way to improve in math, science, and criminal rate is to somehow force children to make ethical issues and gain a sense of hard work for themselves.

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