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New Obesity-Prevention Ads Cause Ethics Controversy (

According to the Washington and Huffingtno Post, Blue Cross Blue Shield has launched TV commericals "showing obese parents setting unhealthy examples for their children". Ethical issues have risen that BCBS is "unfairly blaming parents for their children's weight gain".

No, offense, but doesn't the child usually eat what the parent eats? Does a child really have a choice of what their parent gives them for meals?

Obviously these commercials are a little harsh, but considering (according to the CDC) that in 2009-2010, 35.7% of the adult population were obese and almost 17% of children obese and the numbers are growng every year, I understand that we need to come up with different methods to prevent obesity.

Some other methods stated in this article are about reducing the amount of soda that can be purchased, or removing sugary drinks from schools ect...

Do we think these actions (including commercials) are really the way to go about it? Why not just make crappy food illegal? OR MAYBE try attempting to make healthier food LESS EXPENSIVE than bad food! Now that's an idea that could help everyone. 

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